The 30 Day Reset eBook by Sally Twellman

The 30 Day Reset eBook

Reset your Body. Reset Your Life.


Basic Program includes: 

  • Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide
    • Full 30-day meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    • Nutrition and Lifestyle Guideline
    • With over 40+ recipes 
    • Exercise guide that allows you to choose fitness track to meet your specific goals --> fat loss, muscle gain, improve health options.  
  • 30 Day Reset Shopping List
  • Nourish diary to help you dig deep and transform during the 30 Day Reset

What's included?

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The 30 Day Reset How tos -> It's a Must Watch!
12 mins
The 30 Day Reset Begins
30 Day Reset Nutrition and Lifestyle guide .pdf
13.1 MB
30 Day Reset Grocery Shopping List
92 KB
Nourish Diary.pdf
2.56 MB

I want to help you feel Awesome!

Sally is a holistic and integrative wellness coach and registered dietitian. She helps people all around the world live happier, healthier lives, by empowering them to nourish their bodies with whole food and positive movement, and by helping them heal their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. She believes that if the wellness journey is a spiritual journey and is beautiful opportunity  to transform from the inside out.