The 30 Day Reset by Sally Twellman

The 30 Day Reset

Reset Your Body. Reset Your Life.


  • Basic Program
    • Complete Nutrition and Lifestyle guide
      • Nutrition framework + 30 Day Meal Plan + Recipes + Shopping list
      • Fitness guide
    • Nourish Diary
  • Daily content is filled to the brim with awesome and super actional information and action about HOW to change your body and life!
    • Intuitive and Mindful Eating Principles
    • Movement  and Exercise Tips
    • Hydration information
    • Meditation guide for beginners + guided meditations to get you started (on your path to total enlightenment 😀).
    • Steps to Create lasting change in your health and life
    • Learn how to Create a success mindset
  • Exclusive 30 Day Reset Community
    • Exclusive Facebook group filled with 30 Day Reset participants
    • Massive Accountability (huge key to success!)
    • Super love and support from your coaches and a new group of like-minded friends who are focused on personal growth and transforming their lives!
    • Weekly Live group coaching calls.  I will Dive deeper into the topics and answer your burning Reset questions!
    • Life-Time access to this Awesome transformation group, where you can join the party every time I hold a new 30 Day Reset.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 7 files Text Icon 21 text files


Day 1: Let's Get Started
{Must Watch!} Getting Started with The 30 Day Reset Video
11 mins
Nutrition and Lifestyle Guideline PDF
13.1 MB
30 Day Reset Grocery Shopping List
92 KB
Nourish Diary.pdf
2.56 MB
Day 2: Set Yourself Up for Success
Additional Resources - Planning
Day 3: Nourish Your Body
Additional Resources - Nourish your Body
Day 4 : Create a Positive Daily Practice
Additional Resources - Daily Practice
Day 5: Slow Food
Additional Resources - Slow Food
Day 6: Are You Hungry?
Additional Resources
Day 7: Food and Feelings
Additional Resources
Day 8: Something Cool and Refreshing
Additional Resources
Day 9: Spice Up Your Life
Additional Resources
Day 10 : Power of Movement
Additional Resources
Day 11 : Let’s Hear from my favorite fitness expert
Interview with Fitness Expert Andy Twellman
25 mins
Day 12: Exercise + Nutrition
Additional Resources
Day 13: Move It!
Additional Resources
Day 14: Hurts So Good
Additional Resources
Day 15: Dancing and Other Fun Things
Dancing and other fun things Audio
484 KB
Day 16: Meditation and Peace of Mind
Meditation and Peace of Mind - {Must watch Video }
13 mins
Guided Meditation and Additional Resources
151 KB
Day 17: Getting your 40 Winks
Additional Resources
Day 18: Interview with Mindfulness Expert
Video Interview with Mindfulness expert Shelley Pernot.
50 mins
Day 19: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough & gosh-darn-it, people like me!
Additional Resources
Day 20: What do you believe?
Your Belief Systems {Must watch Video!}
23 mins
Day 21: Stress is a good thing
Additional Resources
Day 22: Thoughts Become Things
Additional Resources
Day 23: Finding Balance, ummm I mean Flow
Additional Resources
Day 24: Being Happy and Feeling Healthy
Happy Eating and Healthy Living Video and Guide
5 mins
Happy Eating and Healthy Living ebook .pdf
7.79 MB
Day 25: Happy Eater, Intuitive Eater
Additional Resources
Day 26: Taking Your Life Inventory & Finding more Time
Life Inventory and the 3 Ds Video
8 mins
Life Inventory Wheel.pdf
19.2 KB
Day 27: Mindful Eating
Additional Resources
Day 28: Fun is a SuperPower
Additional Resources
Day 29: Attitude of Gratitude
Additional Resources
Day 30: Celebration
Awesome! Now, what's next?
10 mins

I want to help you feel Awesome!

Sally is a holistic and integrative wellness coach and registered dietitian. She helps people all around the world live happier, healthier lives, by empowering them to nourish their bodies with whole food and positive movement, and by helping them heal their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. She believes that if the wellness journey is a spiritual journey and is beautiful opportunity  to transform from the inside out.


Q: Can I do this is program if I have diabetes or other chronic health problem?

A: If you have a medical condition, you should definitely speak with your medical provider before beginning any new program, but this wellness course is at its core simple healthy eating plan and positive habit change benefit everyone. This a virtual course and is not intended to "treat" specific medical problems, so if you need specialized and personalized support you should sign up to work 1:1 with me, to get a specific nutrition and health support that would meet your specific needs fully.  I am registered dietitian, so I am qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy.  

Q: Will the 30 Day Reset help me lose weight?

This not a "weight loss" program, but many people find that they do lose weight during the Reset

Q: I have tried Everything! Will this work for me?

A: Yes, this program can work for anyone and I believe my special sauce is making habit change easy and doable for everyone.  And that is what we work on...real habit change I don't just tell you to eat this and don't eat that.  I believe you are stronger than you think and more capable then you know! 

Q: I have a busy schedule, will I have time to do the Reset?

A: Yes, all the material is virtual, so you work on it on your own time.  But I will guide you make some space in your lifestyle to accommodate your new habits.  Part of what it takes to change your lifestyle and habits is changing up your priorities to include self-care. So, during this 30 days, I walk you through how to start making changes to your life and schedule so you can start achieving your health and wellness goals. 

Q: What if I don't live in the U.S., can I still do the 30 Day Reset Wellness Course?

Yes!  This is a virtual course, so all you need is access to the internet and a will to transform yourself!